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ansible role name variable





- name: Send notification message via Slack localaction: module: slack domain: token: yourtoken msg: " ansiblenodename - ansibledistribution".using Variables in ansible roles. 1. Ansible variables and text replacement. Previous answer: There is no way to do this in the current version of Ansible, here are a couple options that might work for you instead: 1) Use setfact to set a rolename var to the name the of role as the first task in your tasks/main.yml file. - setfact: rolenamesome-role-name. Variable names should be letters, numbers, and underscores. Variables should always start with a letter.As described in Roles, variables can also be included in the playbook via include files, which may or may not be part of an Ansible Role. Благодаря успешному использованию переменной packagename данный набор инструкций правильно установит web-сервер apache и на RedHat, и на Debian. В Ansible переменные можно задавать в отдельном (глобальном) файле Ansible Role: MySQL. Installs and configures MySQL or MariaDB server on RHEL/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu servers.On Ubuntu, the package names are named differently, so the mysqlpackage variable needs to be altered. Im trying to retrieve the group ID of two groups (syslog and utmp) by name using an Ansible task.Ansible variables scope clash. 1. ansible pass shell command result to variable.Role-playing Games. ansible - Ansible is a radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy.I think it would be really nice to have some rolename available as variable in the tasks in same way as done for rolepath 7051cde recently. Зависимости хранятся в roles/x/meta/main.

yml. Вместе с зависимыми ролями могут быть переданы параметры. Путь к ролям может1. Переменная ANSIBLECONFIG 2. ansible.cfg в текущей директории 3. . ansible.cfg в домашней директории 4.

/etc/ansible/ansible.cfg. I am beginner on ansible . i am creating a ansible-playbook . and i have created some variables like dbengine now i want to use this variable as a role name . my yml file as below . Does ansible pass Role Default variables to the Handlers within the same Role?name: Test Handlers shell: rm gulog HANDLERSENDcat >./rtindru-test/ roles/gunicorn/handlers/main.yml <

I am beginner on ansible . i am creating a ansible-playbook . and i have created some variables like dbengine now i want to use this variable as a role name . my yml file as below . I am beginner on ansible . i am creating a ansible-playbook . and i have created some variables like dbengine now i want to use this variable as a role name . my yml file as below . What is an Ansible Role? Youve been exposed to how Ansible can interact with configured clients from the command line with the ansible command, and how you canAlso, variables declared within a role are easily overridden by variables in other locations, so they are not very strong to begin with. name: nginx restart.rolespath /home/setevoy/ansible/roles. Теперь создаём обычный Playbook, в котором описываем хосты и роли, которые необходимо к ним применить ansible-playbook -s nginxrunrole.yml. Use Ansible roles to orchestrate more complex configurations.Lets create a new directory named nginx, which will be a Role.Next well add some variables to be used in this role. Create roles /nginx/vars/main.yml. Ansible Variable Precendence. extra vars (-e in the command line) always win.If youre creating a new role, lets say a role for installing MySQL, the chances are that you dont want to hard code the database name (or names) that are created by your role. name: somerole when: "ansibleosfamily RedHat". Finally, you may wish to assign tags to the roles you specify.Role default variables allow you to set default variables for included or dependent roles (see below). In addition the source code implies the availability of the following which dont seem to be mentioned in the documentation: name, user (deprecated), port, accelerateipv6, rolenames, and vaultpassword.Show playbook snippet for specified module. ansible-doc -i. Variables. Ansible Roles and Variables. February 19, 2016 11:01 pm in Automation | No comments.Inside of these folders, you place YAML files named after the host or group you wish to define variables for. For instance, my folder structure might look like this Можно использовать любые приемы jinja2 в сочетании с переменными Ansible.Под зависимостями здесь подразумеваются другие роли которые необходимо выполнить перед тем выполнять вашу роль, в формате — role: rolename, varname: value , например Tagged: Ansible, ansible-galaxy, ansible-role, loops.The error was: unexpected / line 1. Is there a way to set a dynamic variable full path and then test it? It does not seem like I can set a fact here either. Role A and B, executed in a single playbook, both invoking a role UTIL, expecting it to write to different variables. Role UTIL should process some data and write result to a variable. Role A: vars: outputvar name: myvariableA roles: - UTIL Role B In app1/defaults/main.yml, I have, in a variable, the name of the keystore I want to use, by default, for this app ( I want to be able to change this depending on the environment)Im having trouble accessing role variables programmatically in ansible. Ansible variables seem to have a global scope, because if I set one within the role it seems to be visible to all roles (which surprised me as I was expecting roles to be more self-contained since theyre supposed to be reusable, shared on Galaxy, etc.). All roles are referencing the same named variable I need to build role that automatically creates subnets for VPC based on amount of AZ defined. - name: Setup " " VPC ec2vpc: state: present cidrblockEssentially you need another task that uses a loop to generate an Ansible list into a variable. This can then be used in the main task 5. Use the discovered fact inside the template instead of a user-defined variable. For example: servername ansiblehostname , [ 45 ].author: Gourav Shah description: MySQL Database Role company: PACKT min ansibleversion: 1.4 platforms: - name: EL. Naming convention for role variables (i.e. user setting default value). Limit setfact to variables that depend on the outcome of task execution. Please leave a comment if you have a different suggestion that improves maintainability of a playbooks role specifications. Role variables can be overridden, but generally they are used when the same data set is referenced more than once within a role.Installing roles from Ansible Galaxy requires a username.rolename, as multiple users may have uploaded roles with the same name.

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