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He keeps threatening to run, but what exactly would a Kanye West 2020 presidential campaign look like? On Thursday night, during a tour stop in San Jose, California, West pulled out a few more surprises in his continuing political saga. First, he announced his support for Trump as president and Actually, it might be more serious than we think because Kanye already has some slogans lined up. — Jimmy Fallon on Kanye Wests announcement that hes running for president in 2020, in todays Punchlines. KANYE2020 WEST2020 KANYEWESTFORPRES KANYEWEST2020 YEEZY2020. 8.When I talk about the idea of being president, Im not saying I have any political views, he added. 89 подписчиков, 1 подписок, 74 публикаций — посмотрите в Instagram фото и видео Kanye West 4 President 2020 (west4president2020) Kanye West says hes running for president. In a rambling, emotional and at times bizarre award acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, the rapper, producer and fashion designer said that in 2020 he will run for president. Kanye West has announced that he wants to run for the US presidency in 2020, in a speech at the MTV Video Music Awards. It is not clear exactly how serious the rapper was being and he appeared to confess to smoking cannabis before taking the stage. Kanye West fans urge the rapper to run for President in 2020.Whos to say Kanye West cant follow through with his claim he made at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards when he said: I have decided in 2020 to run for president. Add your answer. Kanye West still up for president 2020?Chelsea Clinton or Malia Obama or Ivanka Trump for President? Who is most likely to win the US Presidency if they ran, and WHY? "Awwww Kanye sent me the coolest flowers!! KanTay2020 BFFs," she captioned the photo on Instagram.And yes, as you probably could have guessed by this moment, I have decided, in 2020, to run for president. Kanye West, everybody. Rapper, mogul and fashion designer Kanye West has said in the past that he would seriously consider a bid for the White House in 2020. In an interview with BBC radio this week, Yeezy confirmed he will run in 2020.

When I talk about the idea of being president, Im not saying I have Kanye West says hes going to run for president in an absolutely wild MTV Video Music Awards acceptance speech. Subscribe to Complex for More Despite Donald Trump just being elected the next president of the United States, Kanye West is already looking to his own epic presidential run in 2020 — and he thinks he can win, HollywoodLife.com has learned EXCLUSIVELY! Kanye West announced he was running for president in 2020 during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. The bold declaration came at the end of an epic acceptance speech for a lifetime achievement award. Almost immediately after Kanye West announced his presidential ambitions for the 2020 election at Sunday nights MTV Video Music Awards, the world began imagining life in the United States of President West. Kanye West announced his intention to run for president in 2020 during his acceptance speech for the Vanguard Award from the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 30, and we could not be more excited. FOX 32 NEWS - At the 2015 VMAs, Kanye West announced that in 2020 he would run for President of the United States. Well now, since Donald Trump is the president-elect, will Kanye actually follow through on what he said? У нас вы можете скачать или слушать онлайн Kanye West Announces 2020 Presidential Candidacy бесплатно в высоком качестве.Kanye West Announces He S Running For President In 2020.

His speech was incredible." Last night KanyeWest declared his candidacy for president in 2020. Welcome to the race, Mr. West. Glad to have you, the Democrat party posted on their official Twitter account after Kanyes speech, seeming to back him as well! Last night, self proclaimed genius/greatest living rockstar on the planet Kanye West announced his bid for the White House before predictably dropping the mic and walking off stage.So Kanye for president in 2020? Yeez We Can. West was honored with the Video Vanguard award by Taylor Swift, who explained the genius of Kanye West and referenced the now-infamous moment when West interrupted her."I have decided in 2020 to run for president," West said, before dropping the mic. Over the weekend, Kanye West sat down for an interview with BBC Radio 1s Annie Mac, which will air in full on Monday afternoon.Among the topics discussed: Kanyes 2020 presidential run. The MC apparently wasnt joking when he announced his intention to run for Unites States president at the Kanye West Says Hes Definitely Running for President in 2020. Kanye West performs onstage at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival at MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 18, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kanye 2020? People are calling for Kanye West to be the next president after Donald Trump win. Sarah DeenWednesday 9 Nov 2016 9:07 am. Share this article with Facebook Share this article with Twitter Share this article with Google Plus Share this article through email Share this article with Kanye Wests fans are hoping hell run this country. The "Run This Town" rapper was elected by social media users to pursue the presidential seat in 2020 after finding Donald Trump to be a dissatisfying choice for the American leader. Live from the 2015 VMAs, Kanye West just announced he will be running for presidency in 2020. Ye was on stage graciously accepting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and broke the sudden announcement at the end of his acceptance speech while he still had the crowds attention. Kanye West announced his intentions to run for president in 2020 at the 2015 MTV VMAs. Now fans are calling his bluff. Time to flick on the bat signal and crank up "Stronger." Kanye West из той породы артистов, к кому на концерты ходят не только с целью услышать любимые песни живьем, но и чтобы присутствовать при его спичах, растягивающихся порой на 10 минут.Сейчас я озабочен тем, как стать новым типом президента в 2020 году. Kanye West debates Donald Trump in an imagined presidential showdown. CNNs Jeanne Moos reports on the Battle of the Bros. Due to mental health issues this page will be dormant until further notice. We wish the next President a speedy recovery!When Kanye West says he wants to run for President in 2020, he doesnt actually mean hes going to run for President in 2020. Visit the Flex Zone to get KanyeForPrez shareables. Brought to you by Art404. Why Kanye? Read writer Ernest Bakers essay on why we need to support Kanye for President in 2020. One social media user went on to say: Suddenly, the idea of Kanye West becoming president doesnt only seem possible, but may even be an improvement. Kanye2020. With another 4 years to go, anything can happen within that timeframe. Kanye West President 2020.

He said the type of campaign he would run in 2020 wouldnt be too far removed from the current POTUS, in terms of experience, or engaging with the establishment. Search existing articles for Kanye West for President 2020. Kanye West 2020: Yes, one man should have all that power.KANYE2020. Running for president doesnt even mean anything anymore since Donald Trump. so deep. I really do think its great to do something to take the edge off before a bunch of people massage your ego for a while. Down-and-out about President Donald Trump? In another three years, he might be passing the torch to one of your favorite celebrities. Will Smith, Kanye West and even Chris Rock have teased that they might dabble in politics, which could make for a pretty interesting 2020 election ballot. Американский рэпер Канье Уэст заявил, что хочет стать президентом США. Об этом он заявил во время вручения премии MTV Video Music Awards, сообщает Vanity Fair.Kanye West Declares that He Will Run for President in 2020. And yes, as you probably couldve guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for president.I first met Kanye West six years ago—at this show, actually! Since then, weve had a lot of time to talk about a lot of different things, announced Swift. Today: Joseph is counting on you. Joseph Dietrich needs your help with Kanye West: Kanye West for President 2020. Join Joseph and 14 supporters today. LOS ANGELES — Kanye West announced on Sunday night at MTVs Video Music Awards he would run for the president of the United States in 2020. Forget 2016. Kanye West says hes planning to run for president in 2020. Kanye West is the ONLY person who can say "Yes I rolled a lil sumthin" talk about himself becoming president and gain support YEEZUS2020.FINALLY somebody to run for president who can challenge Donald Trumps ego. Yeezus 2020. At last nights VMAs Kanye West was awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, the highest award given out at the ceremony. Having a difficult history with award ceremonies already, it comes with no surprise that Kanye made this one special as well. Kanye West made headlines — yet again — when he got political on Thursday during a concert at San Jose, Californias, SAP Center — revealing that if he had bothered to vote he would have cast his ballot for Donald Trump.West famously announced that hed run for president in the year 2020. Kanye West Declares that He Will Run for President in 2020.Chief among those claims? As of this moment, I have decided that I will be running for president in 2020, West said before dropping the microphone and leaving the stage. Your original question : If Trump becomes president do you see Kanye West dethroning him in 2020? What? Trump till 2020 and then Kayne West ? I better quit foreign affairs and be a rapper ! Kanye West Announces He S Running For President In 2020.Для вашего поискового запроса Kanye West Announces 2020 Presidential Candidacy MP3 мы нашли 1000000 песни, соответствующие вашему запросу, но показывающие только 10 лучших результатов. Kanye West received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at tonights MTV Video Music Awards, and he closed his acceptance speech by announcing hes running for president in 2020. Yes, really! Its official, Kanye West will be running for president in 2020! This announcement at the VMAs shocked the world! Kanye has been stated that he has been planning on making the announcement for 3 months now after having a long conversation with good friend Jay-Z. Kanye West is going to let Donald Trump finish his 2016 run for president, but the rapper thinks he will have one of the best candidacies of all time. The media mogul and fashion designer announced his 2020 campaign during the MTV Video Music Awards. Were just trying out some hashtags for when Kanye West runs for president of the United States in 2020. Oh, didnt you hear? While he was accepting the Video Vanguard Award from Taylor Swift at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye ended his long, ranting

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