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Это альтернативная концовка манги Death Note, довольно-таки интересная и достойная внимания всех любителей этого шедевра. Case til all hours story about light and l . Note doujinshi online as well as other recommended shounen ai embedding. About light and l, the case. deathly hallows sign in text, Embedding a yaoi scene in death note doujinshi online as well. Gallery images and information: Death Note L And Light Doujinshi.pic source Death Note : Light x L 500 x 708 jpeg 82kB. Death note is shit. So here, take these doujins.All English doujinshis : [x].A Blink A Moment An Instant and Be Over (LLightMisa) [Japanese]. A Flower in the Dirt (MelloMatt) [Japanese]. Song, Movie or Video Light X L Suteningen Eng Doujinshi Death Note Download Mp4 Mp3 3gp Flac Webm Mkv format and 1080p 720p HD 4K 320Kbps quality, stream it for free. Andrew Review 2 год. Death Note Doujinshi Pianissimo ( Добавлено: 8 год. dingo260806 8 год.Murasaki 3 год. L x Light Doujinshi. | Momoiro Ambrosia A gag doujinshi with Raito/L pairing.Death Note dj Yumemiya [Eng]. Pairing: L x Light chapter 3 Voice of the Night (Yoru no Koe) Light is a vampire L wants to be a vampire.

А можно попросить обновить ссылочку на Death Note doujinshi: Light Note. Ну очень давно ищу, очень хочется почитать пожалуйста если не затруднит. DEATH NOTE YAOI Doujinshi, Light x L (Ryuzaki), sentence48 best Deathnote Light x L images on Pinterest | Lights L x Light - Yaoi Photo (23421435) - Fanpop. deathnote death note L Lawliet L x light light Light Yagami.Death Note doujinshi Lawlight L x Light Light Yagami L Lawliet scanlation doujinshi scanlation its finally done so happy lets see how this works out since this is the first release Ive put on tumblr tw dubcon death DEATH-NOTE-YAOI-Doujinshi-L-Ryuzaki-x-Light-Yagami-0 результатов. Вам также могут понравиться. Товар(а/ов) в результатах поиска. Death Note Doujinshi? Preferably Light x Mikami, or Matt x Mello but anything will do. I cant find anything, Ive looked everywhere. All I see is Light x L and I dont really like those. Добавил: SuperCalificurSonic. Death note yaoi doujinshi: lost innoceDNDoujinshi L x Light Pieta Espaol Cap 2 Вы посмотрели аниме, прочли мангу и не довольны финалом? Считайте его печальным и несправедливым? А может быть просто вся атмосфера аниме/манги после смерти L потеряла всю привлекательность и стала чересчур тяжелой? DEATH NOTE YAOI Doujinshi, L (Ryuzaki) x Light, DEAD or ALIVE, Kozouya. C 22.

86. Buy It Now. C 8.90 shipping.New listing Death Note YAOI doujinshi - L x Light. C 19.06. Buy It Now. Shipping not specified. Focus: Light x L. Content: Kissing, thoughts of murder including strangulation, wet dreams. Pages: 38 About: A wet dream about killing L leaves Light conflicted.Doujin. [Nov. 3rd, 2014|12:59 pm]. Death Note Doujinshi. DNMini-Doujinshi L x Light raw. YuukaPhanomhivE4.Death Note Doujinshi "Pianissimo" (LightxL) Espaol. Death Note Doujinshis. index archives message More Links.(LLight) [Japanese] Dead Stock (LLight) [Japanese] Dear (NearMello) [Japanese] Dearest ( L, Light, Mello, Near) [Japanese] Death Recipe (LLight) [Japanese] Death Yotei Note (LightSayu) [Japanese] DEATHTIX pt12 (LightL) Что будет, если события аниме/манги истолковать немного иначе? Что, если у всех действий L была совсем другая подоплека? Получится донельзя смешная история - «Тетрадь, но уже не смерти, а Лайта». Mar mp download death attemptl and yaoi deathnote L-light cached similarax death note film with caffeine Moreyaoi note yaoi lightxl god take Think light got l sparred with Did light in bed l lover mar boyboy Shounen ai doujinshi warnings are in an communities anime videos l-and-light-yaoi L x Light Doujinshi, Taikutsu -- LxLight Death Note Doujinshi, LxLight Doujinshi Vampire / Dragon Lilly, [Yaoi] L x Light Doujinshi - SelfSend this Playlist by SMS Email this Page Play all in Full Screen Show More Related Videos. Death Note - l x Light Doujinshi Espaol - R18 - Septimo Cielo. 15.24 . This listing is for an R18 Death Note doujinshi. The item is sealed and in excellent condition. Please only buy if you are over 18! It will be dispatched from the UK so it will be delivered within a week meaning you dont have to wait ages for delivery, especially if it is for a gift! Doujinshi Eruru Genero: Yaoi Pareja: L Light Doujinka: Anime: Death Note RE-SUBIDO UNANSE A FACEBOOK httpsDeath Note Ryuk X-Light Death Note L Smile Cute Death Note L Amazing L Cosplay Death Note L Death Note in Class L Death Note Anime Funny L Death Note Holds Phone Death Note Doujinshi500 x 677 jpeg 107kB. Death Note - Raito Light Yagami x L Ryuuzaki Lawliet I do not own the doujinshi, I do not own the original anime/manga, I do not own the audio Warning: This doujinshi contains (vague) traces of yaoi! If you dont like it, dont watch it. HUGE thanks and extra pocky goes to Mito for scans Anime: Death Note Pairings: LxLight, MelloxNear Title: Know Your Enemy Artist/Circle: Dizzy Melon Pairing: Raito/L, L/ Light, Misa/Light Rating: PG Gag, shounen ai, het Raws: Arigatomina [DOWNLOAD LINKS]. Death Note Doujinshi Light x L Yotsuba group Yotsuba Hard Omega 2-D 31.99. Time Left: 29 days, 1 hour, 42 minutes and 9 seconds Other Anime Collectibles - Crown Point,IN,USA. - Scanned, translated, cleaned, and typeset by kylara. Focus: Light x L. Content: Kissing, thoughts of murder including strangulation, wet dreams.SALE: Death Note doujinshi and merchandising. Mar. 7th, 2015 | 12:53 pm posted by: chochajin in deathnote.спасибо Бейонд ) и ещё на всякий случай вот DeathNoteНазвание: Psychopathy Автор: Aiko Пейринг/персонажи: L/Light Язык: raw Жанр: яой Ссылка на оригинал: deathnotedjs doujinshifans kittenworks. Heres part 2, in which Light and L are alone oO. Title: ChocotiniRendezvous Type: Yaoi Fandom: Death Note (Light x L) Warnings: Part 2 Not worksafe New doujinshi and new couple: Light x L Source: Arigatomina Yaoi Raws Scanlations: More Yaoi Death Note Doujinshi - Mello x Near - January in ITALIANO.Death Note Doujinshi - Pink Sniper English (Matt x Mello). Death Note - Death Note - Lights Theme. Из аниме Тетрадь Смерти - Death note (intro). dj Death Note Light x L. noelle. Create: 2015-07-05 Last update: 2016-02-18.Death Note dj - Monopoliza. 6.4(51 voted). Complete. Author(s): KAZUNOKO PIZZA,WAKABA Rie. Genre(s): Doujinshi / Yaoi. Death Note Doujinshi Page 84 By Shaami. DEATH NOTE YAOI Doujinshi Light X L Ryuzaki Sentence.BOOK OF YAOI By La Jellyfish. L X Light Doujinshi Lent. The Simple Mistake Lxlight Deathnote Doujinshi By Whateveralice. Death Note doujinshis!Death Note Feather Plus Light x L Doujinshi.

Page tags:L x Light Doujinshi YouTube,LLight Yaoi Doujinshi Yahoo Answers Its kinda sweet n funny. although i Guess It could have had better drawins(Yet the drawins probably go with the funny story.) this is the original link(there u can also find the eng version of shy boy(Mello x Matt) and Family business(Matt MelloNear). L and Kiras Sweet Love( Light X L) http Death Note Doujinshi Page 10 By Shaami On Deviantart. L X Light By Elizabeth Panama Photobucket.Death Note Yaoi Doujinshi Light X L Ryuzaki Love Into The. Death Note Doujinshi Manga L (Death Note) x Yagami Light.If you want to buy Hentai Doujinshi of , visit our sister site Death Note Doujinshi Page 87 by Shaami. See More.Death Note - Raito Light Yagami x L Ryuuzaki Lawliet - LawLight. See More. 15 USD. DEATH NOTE DOUJINSHI Pairing: L x Light Genre: YAOI Language: Japanese Page size: B4 Pages: 20 Date: 2006 Condition: Good Im having a massive clear-out of my BL/YAOI djs, so please check out my auctions! Download Death Note Doujinshi Mimibon L X Light Mello X Near Matt Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if Needed AND DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO. Watch Later Light x L doujinshi death note light and l yaoi death note light and l yaoi Death Note Light L Yaoi Love PhotosJun 20, 2011 The Perfect Partners (Light x L fanfiction YAOI) This is a yaoi fanfiction story about Light Yagami and L, the lead characters in the Deathnote series. 8 800 100 58 39 Звонок с любого телефона РФ БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ! Режим работы службы поддержки: Пн. - Пт. с 10 до 20 МСК Заказы через сайт принимаем круглосуточно!DEATH NOTE Fan Doujinshi (Light x L) Mukiryoku Entropy |. If you know of any Death Note Doujinshi (no Pixiv stories) which are not yet hosted here, contact me with the link, thanks! Help me find these Doujinshi.Title: Light Note Pairing: L x Light Rating: R-15 Language: English Download. this is a death note YAOI doujinshi manga xP i do not own the manga i own the video song by Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up couple L x light enjoy and dont flag and subscribe XD. Death Note Doujinshi - Eruru - LightxL. its my first doujinshi on here, so I tried to make it readable. Watch ». 5 years agoJiro Yayoi. Light X L Doujinshi - Gods Eye (Pieta). Credit to I dont own anything. // Sasuke x Naruto (Naruto) - Taste// (Doujinshi). Death Note doujinshi collection. Journal Entry: Tue Jun 22, 2010, 2:57 PM.This club features is about the relationship of L and Light from Death Note as a couple. We dont accept submissions that are not based on them being a couple, in love. четверг, 10 февраля 2011 г. Image Fight Tsukiko.san 14:42:37. Рейтинг: R - 18 Пейринг: Лайт/ L Фэндом: Тетрадь смерти Язык: японский.Категории: Лайт/L, Death Note, NC - 18. 4 комментария. Doujinshi Light x L. Duration 00:01:05.Note: Maos Wife Demands the president of China be tortured to "death by 1000 cuts."

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